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Case Studies

Rahmann Contracting-
Restoration, landmark, home renovation and Repointing Project 


Project Overview:

In 2021, we were contacted by a four-family co-op at 240 Carroll Street, Brooklyn. They needed assistance repointing their building's rear wall and restoring a rusted fire escape. Having worked with this co-op before, we were eager to continue our trusted partnership

Initial Assessment and Estimate:

After visiting the site, we promptly provided the co-op with a detailed estimate, offering two options for the repointing project: spot pointing or entire wall repointing. Despite a delayed response from the co-op, I honored the original pricing from 2021, emphasizing my commitment to client satisfaction and loyalty.

Recommendation and Decision:

 Following thorough discussions, we recommended opting for entire
wall repointing to address potential hidden issues and prevent future leaks. Drawing on our expertise, we guided the co-op in making an informed decision, prioritizing long-term durability and structural integrity

Challenges and Solutions:

The project faced challenges due to low temperatures in late November,
making it difficult to complete the work within the agreed timeline and budget. We strategically utilized warmer days to apply temperature-sensitive materials, ensuring progress while maintaining quality standards. 

Successful Completion and Results:

Upon completing the repointing work, the rear wall's leaks were
effectively addressed, providing immediate relief to the co-op. Additionally, we achieved a uniform finish for the entire wall, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The project's successful outcome reinforced Rahmann Contracting's reputation for delivering quality results and exceeding client expectations. 


Through effective communication, expert recommendations, and diligent project management, Rahmann Contracting successfully addressed the repointing needs of the four-family co-op at 240 Carroll Street, Brooklyn. By prioritizing long-term solutions and delivering exceptional results, we strengthened our position as a trusted partner in the Brooklyn community. landmark.

Rahmann Contracting -
Stoop Resurfacing Project


Project Overview:

In the heart of Lower Manhattan, Rahmann Contracting was tasked with
rejuvenating the brownstone stoop of a one-family townhouse at 36 Grove Street. The property's stoop had endured wear and tear over time, requiring repair to maintain its functionality and aesthetic appeal. As the sole entrance from the street side for the townhouse occupants, the stoop's condition was of utmost importance. 

Initial Assessment and Estimate:

We promptly assessed the stoop's condition upon receiving the
call. We provided the owner with estimates for repairing the damages/cracks or complete resurfacing. After careful consideration, the owner chose the resurfacing repair option, recognizing its potential to offer a longer-lasting solution.

Unique Considerations:

Given that the stoop served as the sole entrance for the townhouse
occupants, we had to plan our approach meticulously. We devised a phased sequencing strategy to ensure that foot traffic would not hinder our progress while minimizing disruption to the residents' daily routines. 

Smooth Execution and Timely Completion:

The project involved surface demolition, application of
scratch coat, and final resurfacing. We navigated the project smoothly by effectively managing work obstacles and adhering to our carefully crafted plan. Despite the challenges posed by the bustling city environment, we completed the stoop resurfacing project within four weeks, meeting our client's expectations and timeline. 


The rejuvenated brownstone stoop now stands as a testament to Rahmann's dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal of the townhouse, but it also ensures a safe and inviting entrance for its occupants and visitors alike. The successful completion of this project further solidifies our reputation as a reliable construction partner in Manhattan. 


Through careful planning, effective communication, and skilled execution, we successfully revitalized the Brownstone stoop at 36 Grove Street, Manhattan. By prioritizing our client's needs and delivering exceptional results within the stipulated timeframe, we reaffirmed our commitment to excellence and cemented our position as a trusted contracting company in the heart of New York City

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